Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Try it Tuesday - Acetate Card

Here is something easy to try and all you need is a few supplies that you will already have in your stash.

- Cardstock
- Acetate sheet - I use the overhead projector sheets that you can get a stationary stores such as Officeworks
- Stamps
- Ink
- Embellishments
- Adhesives

1. Cut the card base to 13.1cm x 15cm
2. Place the 13.1cm edge along your scoring tool. Make a score line at 2.5cm. Fold on the score line.
3. Cut a piece of acetate at 10.5cm x 15cm
4. Using double sided tape adhere the acetate along the inside of the fold - make sure the the acetate is level in the corners and along the edges of the card base.
5. cut a piece of cardstock 2.5cm x 15cm. Adhere this cardstock along the bottom of the acetate card front.
6. Using stamps, inks and embellishments complete the card as desired.

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